What Im gonna say here is about the stall named Tanjung Santai facing the beach. Their service very poor even their food..its sucks..This is te first time I see some bad manner from service waiter. At the first, we gather there untill all of my besties arrived but no one from the service staff try to take order from us. I looked around if any sign of self service but no, not even one so why no waiter came to us take order or offer their menu. Finally we end up by walking to other stall to looking any special menu and remain to the same seats after make orders from different stalls. Once the orders served at our table, suddenly some guys (I trusted that guys is service staff) came to the other waitress from other stall (Which is sent the food orders we made) and speak in their dialect (I guess Filipino/suluk) and has warned the waitress. That guy face is kinda fuckin’ crap looking to us. Is it our fault? So, the waitress suggested to us to move to their own stall (actually our regular there tapi saja² gete mo tukar angin) and told us that the guy don’t like ppl taking order from others stall. If like that then why he didn’t approach us to ask the order?. What a stupid and no manner. some more, menghalau customer lagi tu. Lucky them because I forgot to take photo. Next time I will do it. Its swing my mood and my besties also..damn bastard!!!!