Wow! sedar x sedar it almost in the half year past. Now in April..hmm seems this month nothing interesting happened to me. My Birthday last Sunday also nothing interesting happen..too bad I though..But some1 in my family member start realise my special date..hahha..Why I look really care 'bout this date..Im a man..Something happen or not on that day, life must go on rite..

At Work --- ppl come, ppl go..everyday see the new face..I think our management must do something before it is too late to take action. But our HR is so lame, too comfortable with the situation..I wonder why no body from HOD look at this matter as serious matter, or they pretend this is not they job. everyday got ppl come and go. New staff learning new skill then they, senior staff go look to other job and they took all the skill to new place. How such r waste to let them go. I know sometime we need let them go but if they skills can bring the business success then why we don't make them stay. I can't bring up about this matter bcoz people at my office not professional enough to accept opinions from other people. They will look down upon you.

My Leisure--Hahha..!~..Yesterday I just call my best girlfriend (not special oh), she plan to make gathering to 5 of us..I old gang..hahha..Cella, Im very interested on it oh. .Which island we go? Sure I will contact the rest of them. I can't wait to attend this event. So many story to update with them..