Taurus on 5.09

The Bottom Line
Respect may feel like a dying art, but if anyone is the master it should be you.

In Detail
Mutual respect may feel like a dying art today when you are forced to deal with someone who uses arrogance to get their way. Luckily, the encounter will be fairly brief. You can try to teach them a lesson if you really want to, but it might be much more amusing if you just let them behave the way they want to and just walk away, laughing. You cannot be responsible for the behavior of other people, so do not let yourself get caught up in it.

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Everyday is your day, Im sorry I can't said to you directly but doesn't mean Im not care about that. Im pretty sure you know how Im appreciate your day by the way I treat you this whole month even Im not saying to you. This is me, your son with speechless.

I see you working hard for me, and Im still wonder what it mean and what for. I know sometimes we argue and sometimes blow my lid. But I still love you very much. I know what you do is just the best for me and to keep me from all harm. But Mom, please allow me to sail upon my sea. Though well within the headlands of your fears. Mom, I just want you to know, Im not your little child anymore, who need your pampers and hug every time.

Here I want you to know, while you feel alone and no body want to comfort you. Here I am, my shoulder always ready for you. Here your son always ready to listen your arguing about my brother and sister. When they abandon you, you can look back and your son still standing here for you mom. Even Im are masterful in our family but I just wanna keep our family for the best. like you do to us.

I remember the day I know how my older brother passed away. I never cry in front of others because I want you all see my strong, my courage. I know how pain do you feel that time. It doesn't mean I won't crying but I can't. But deep in my heart only God know, no body can see the storm in my heart. Maybe someday only you can see my tears. My love to you and our family, not even a single word can describe it.
Mom, we know you are superb... Even though I missed my past but I know how great you treated us by seeing the picture of mine. Some doctor said maybe because Im trying hard to forget something happened before the accident. Or maybe it curse to me. Then lost it when I woke up. But day by day it seem come back to me little by little.
Mom, no matter what people said about you, I don't take it seriously.

What Do You Do When Your Mother Is Crazy
By J.S. Bach. Sequencer unknown. Modified by
David Grossman.

What do you do when your mother is crazy,
Hysterical, selfish, abusive, and cruel?
What do you do when really you hate her,
And it's all you can do to be distantly cool?

What do you do when you find her repulsive,
And the best of your memories are tinted with pain?
And now she is old, and needs to be near you,
And you cannot stand to be near her again?

How do you tell her the truth when the truth
Keeps accruing like some insurmountable debt?
When the horror that haunts you goes back to a moment
You cannot remember and cannot forget?

What do you do with your love when your love
Has been buried so long that you can't find its grave?
When love for a parent lies outside a window
Through which you imagine how people behave?

What do you do when whatever you do
Must cost more than the option you failed to choose?
For whether you turn to embrace or forsake her,
You're left with a burden you cannot refuse
Once again "Happy Mother's Day! To A Person Whos Special In So Many Ways!