Here I shared with you guys why no one calling you to auditions. this is perception of model booker Meng from SP Model. I thought its good to share it with you guys.

You've been in the modeling line for quiet some time. You did a few shoots, stand in some events but still it's hard to get bookings for yourself. Are you that ugly? No, you're even prettier than some full-booking-models. You don't reach requirements? No, you're tall, you can pose for pictures well, you can even catwalk. Why isn't anyone calling you?

One more small aspect you have to look at being a model, other than your looks and your skills to catwalk; it's your ATTITUDE. "Attitude? What do you mean?" you asked. Well, here are some reason a booker won't even bother calling you. My Fashion Guru ever teach me about attitude, she stressed to us (her models) to behave and look to ourselves. Now its time to me to share some tip that I thought its useful for some new face out there.

1) Demanding like a a$$ Diva

Please install in the chip in your brain that you are not Heidi Klum or Tyra Bank, you're a model who's working not a princess or prince or queen. So, being very very very demanding will not only annoy booker but all kind of pissed off. Yes, they're oblige to take care of ALL your needs during the shoot but, they will throw away your number and profile right after the shoot. There are many other models out there who are evenly skilled and easier to work with.

2) Being irresponsible

Please be punctual. Being VEEERY late for a shoot, or sometimes not appearing for a shoot, is ok as long as you inform the organizer earlier. DO NOT promise that you can go if you are not sure you will. If you know you can't make it, INFORM, so you save everyone's time and energy plus give us some time to look for other replacements. Be responsible, you will save your job on the future.

3) No discipline

What I mean by this is the passion in you to be one. You don't open more doors to learn from mistakes. You take critics negatively and personally. Are you serious about being a supermodel or are you just wanting to be one for the sake of being one for the name?

Modeling is not just about looks. It's about the attitude of a person and the character you want people to feel together with the fashion you're selling. I hope I encounter lesser model wannabes with very very serious attitude problem.

Don't you ever wonder why some supermodels are just normal looking but they are way beyond your league? Even if you and everyone around you feels that you have better look?

Source: Meng- Model Booker