My Life So Far Part 3

Today 5th August 2010 - Thursday, I announced to you all that I am Single and Available. Dont talk to me about love, relationship, mariagge or watever related..I am not interested and excited anymore to the issue...

Im brokennnnnnnnnnnn Heartttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeddddddd Noowwwwwww...!!!

My Life So Far part 2

Last time hang out with my buddies and I forgot to upload some pic here, not to display to you its just for reminds me on that moments we shared together.

My Life So Far

Wow! its seems so long I never update my blog..I just meet few new friend since June and we getting closer day by day..I love them n Im glad it is not to late to know them. I felt comfort when hangout with them. Now they are part of my life, since that I told myself whoever dare to brake their heart, I swear to brake that ppl face. Im no longer trust in friendship since my last bestfriend stabbed my back.

Thanks to God that show me the right path which friend is worthy to me. In my life, I just had few friends and I don't need so many friends. Thanks so much to Jason J., Esther C.T, Allester A.,Collin, Marky J. L, Abeth, Tom, Cella, Christopher.. thanks for been here when I need you all.

Lover? Don't ask me about that. I know Im the most stupid person in the world. Coward. I know she lie to me and I keep pretending that I don't know she cheating on me. Early of August, I am SINGLE back. My buddies told me let the time heal my heart, I know that but how long it take to recover its depends on me. My love story end here. New life begin..huhu!~..

Be A Model To Yourself

Suddenly, I think I need a new profile pic for my page, and now a few of my friend got offer or promotion for they studio. Since then, I might take this to make a new face of me this year..(very bored if I still use the same pic for a few years ago rite).. so how about you there?

Luckily I had attended a class for modeling under Fairuz Modeling Studio and thanx to Mrs. Amal, Calista L, and few friends that I didn't mention they name here...(you know who you are guys). So on this photo shoot session, I don't think I will facing a problem to make a style or expressions. I will post some of my photo here once my photographer finish it.

So for those who have no idea about your profile photo shoot, here I got for you advice in this video. I hope it will help you guys! Good luck!

And this one for the guy who need help..Just need brave and throw your shy out.

My Life so far

The past few days is the tough time on work, but it is really comfortable to do paper work due to not so many people in the office. Working environment its so so peaces and I enjoyed it. Today I took on leave not because I need rest but I got wrong info about "Kaamatan" in my hometown Membakut is fall on Sunday. So I rush to took my leave, Im so excited to join the "Sugandoi" at my hometown. Luckily 1 of my FB friend in Membakut informed me that the event has been postponed to 16th May 2010. So I still have time to prepare. I hope this year I can make it to state level (dreaming again)..LOL...I never give up on what I like until I archive it.

Talking about this vibrant month, all Sabahan must know it. May is the month which its full of event from Sabah Fest till Harvest Festival (we call it Kaamatan). And the most fever has started on this month, you know what? Kanou Rumamai..Aramai tii!!..(Let's Party).. In this month, almost hundred invitation I received to join the the party..Fuhh!..Why Sabahan ppl suka minum huh!..In this month you can try the traditional drink from Lihing, Montoku, Bahar, Tumpong, Tapai so many traditional drink and only the few of that my throat can accept it..hahhaa..maybe Im not a drunker enough. 1 thing I like about this month is I can make many friends..can meet many peoples, getting know each other, sharing story with them and a lot I can do when I meet new friend..After that, I just need to do keep in touch with them so I wont lost anyone of my friend.

Whatever nonsense talked I write down here, only 1 target I need to archive this month. Hope everyone wish me luck that I can make it to Sugandoi (Singing Competition during Kaamatan) state level..If not, I kill myself..LOL..Kidding!..My life too precious to be die now.. I will try again and again and again. .till I feel bored about it..hehehe..

Ops, tomorrow 1 of my friend will getting engage with a guy..hmm susah mo ckp with the other guy bcoz people owez say B.M.W mean Best Man Win. If you do your best, you win. To the winner, Congratulation. To the loser, go find another girl, man..bunga bukan sekuntum org bilang...

Oh ya, I almost forgot today I just add Fanzi 1 of the finalis sugandoi last year. I also got the title of the song at last..He advised me to ask permission to the owner when I ask about the minus one..I agreed with him. Suppose to ask the owner of the song. Thanks Bro.

Luckily I got this blog so I can release my boring time now. No body in the house...Why this mansion so empty..What else I suppose to do while Im alone in this place? Watch movie? Play PS? Astro? All bored! Go outing? I don't think so! They all busy. Makan kemudian tidur, habis cerita.

Bored April

Wow! sedar x sedar it almost in the half year past. Now in April..hmm seems this month nothing interesting happened to me. My Birthday last Sunday also nothing interesting happen..too bad I though..But some1 in my family member start realise my special date..hahha..Why I look really care 'bout this date..Im a man..Something happen or not on that day, life must go on rite..

At Work --- ppl come, ppl go..everyday see the new face..I think our management must do something before it is too late to take action. But our HR is so lame, too comfortable with the situation..I wonder why no body from HOD look at this matter as serious matter, or they pretend this is not they job. everyday got ppl come and go. New staff learning new skill then they, senior staff go look to other job and they took all the skill to new place. How such r waste to let them go. I know sometime we need let them go but if they skills can bring the business success then why we don't make them stay. I can't bring up about this matter bcoz people at my office not professional enough to accept opinions from other people. They will look down upon you.

My Leisure--Hahha..!~..Yesterday I just call my best girlfriend (not special oh), she plan to make gathering to 5 of us..I old gang..hahha..Cella, Im very interested on it oh. .Which island we go? Sure I will contact the rest of them. I can't wait to attend this event. So many story to update with them..

My Life in 2009

My life so far..

jan- Bz prepare some stuff and My Ex-gf's wedding..
feb- Sabah Model Casting, Won in Celebrity Awards @ Celebrity's Nite, HSL..
march- Back to Work n bz do some promotion..the whole month..
april-My Birthday ...nothing special on this month.
may- Join Compeition on Sugandoi Kaamatan..DBKK & Pekan Membakut..Cannot make it to final..nvr mind, looking for next year again..
jun-Shenanigan's events go on..Hv fun
july-Ms. Shenanigan's..Clubbing Month..hahaha..~
Aug - BZ....Bz...BZ...
Sept - Fasting Month...
oct- attended Halloween's Nite @ Rumba and I won 1 of the Lucky Draw..Really lucky that nite & hangout with my bestfren till late..
nov-got Free entrance to attend A Night of Salsa by Sabahan till drop..hahaha!~
dec-HobbyCon, X-mas & New Year Celebration...Im gonna be the next drunken master..wakakak!~

Stayed single almost the whole year?
- Got 1,2,3 night stand so the correct answer is no.

Done something you've regretted?
- no

Lost someone?

Were involved in something you'll never forget?
- Yes.Definately..

Visited a different country?
- this year ... nope.

Cooked a gross meal?
- Cook??. hahaha!~

Lost something important to you?
- nope.

Got a gift you adore?
- not yet..

Dyed your hair?
- Every show..

Came close to losing your life?
- No, fortunately..

Went to a party?
- every month..

Read a great book?
- Yes, a few...

2008: Friends and Enemies.
Did you meet any new friends this year?
- A few

Did you dislike anyone?
- A few..

Did you grow apart from anyone?
- Yes, I guess...

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
- Some..

2008: Your BIRTHDAY!.
Did you have a cake?
- Yes, Tivoli crews!!.

Did you get any presents?
- Yes! Always...Luv Them

2008: All about YOU.
Did you change at all this year?
- Yes, confidence went UP!.

Did you change your style?
- Went from black to white!!

Did you have a job?
- Yes, still have.

Did you drive?
- Yes & not

Did you own a car?
- Yup! 2007..

Did anyone close to you give birth?
- yes!.

Did you go on any vacations?
- this year..No.

Would you change anything about yourself now?
- Needless..

2009:Wrap UP:.
Was 2009 a good year?
- Not at all

Do you think 2010 will top 2009?
- Hope!