Photo credit to Ed Ng.
There are many different things that women look for in a man and being attractive to women is not simply about your natural look – Its what you make of it and just as importantly, the way you conduct yourself.

So if you want to be more attractive to women then the following attraction tips are guaranteed to help you.

1. Making The Best Of What You Have

You have a natural look you’re born with and even if you don’t look like Tom Cruise or Tom Clooney you can make yourself look good.

There are a number of things you can do watch your weight and make your body the best you can. Pay attention to personal hygiene and make sure you have the following.

Good skin. A healthy complexion is a must and simple diet changes and supplements will help. Also exfoliate weekly and use moisturizer to give you a healthy glow

Teeth. All women love a great smile so make sure you have one that gets you noticed. Today, teeth bleaching can give you beautiful teeth for under $100 and is a great investment

Get a haircut! There is nothing more unappealing than a bad haircut. If in doubt ask for advice on the best style for you. Finally, if in doubt cut it short its masculine and appeals to most women

2. Style

Clothes can make you look slimmer, broader and the colours you choose need to complement your natural colouring.

One of the major attractions for women is a well turned out guy and keep in mind women adore men in suits so dont be afraid to wear them.

If you don’t know what style’s suit you, get an appointment with an image consultant. In a few hours they will get you sorted.

You will never be attractive to women if you don’t have style so make sure you do.

3. Confidence

Most women like a confident man. Make sure you walk tall and that your body language is right. A confident man smiles a lot retains eye contact and does fidget, he projects himself with confidence and you can to.

Women simply love a man who has confidence which should not be confused with arrogance. Most women simply hate boastful men who are full of themselves

4. Manners

Old fashioned maybe, but what women doesn’t like having a punctual and attentive man who will take her coat open car doors and send her flowers? Don’t believe me try it and you will see.

5. Conversation

Women need mental stimulation and this comes from conversation make sure you learn the art of conversation (there is not enough room in this article to go into it see our other articles in this series) women love a man who communicates with them.

The old saying what is on the inside is just as important as what's on the outside could not be truer.

6. Have a Feminine Side!

We have said that women like a confident man but they also like a sensitive man. One who is open with his feelings and can communicate with them.

You can even cry women don’t mind it shows you as someone who really has feelings and emotions and is not cold.

You Need to Feel Good About Yourself

Aura is something that we cant quite define but it is the overall persona of you.
You will have a great aura if you feel good about yourself – Like yourself and have the above traits and you will project an aura that attracts women.

Attraction is hard to define exactly, but it is not just physical looks.
It’s the way you project, conduct yourself and your overall aura that is important to being attractive.

The above tips will help you become more attractive, confident and allow you to derive more from life.

By Sacha Tarkovsky