The Day That Remain Me Something..

25th April every year..
That my day that remain me 'bout something..
About my wish, age, ambition, target and vision that I still cannot reach yet.
Btw I would like to thank to my beloved parents for their luv and caring to their lonely son..
To my best friends who is stand beside me when I need them, you guys are such person that I can not find and compare to anybody in this world. Although we are apart now but I hope we still keep in touch. The time we were shared together, that are precious time to me..

Today it's my birthday, than I will chase the dream that I still not fulfill yet. I will lead my life the way I wanted to be. It's better to regret my action, instead of regretting b'coz I didn't do anything. Aja! Aja! Gambateh! Jia You!..wahahaha!!.. Now is 4am already..Feel Sleepy leh..

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

One more day..

One more day..

aRGHH..No Body can stop the time..

Yesterday will be history,

Tomorrow still mystery..

Today is a gift to me..

29 years ago, a lucky boy (of course I am b'coz I'm the Champion Swimmer..he he) was born in silver spoon with full of luv and caring from people around him. He grew with guidance from his parents and loving people around. Day by day, he grow up and learned through the environment to make him strong enough to face the fate life. Although fate presents the circumstances, but how you react depends on your character..Learning is not child play, we cannot learn without pain.

Dare to dream.. dare to fly.. then do it.. Some people say, human born with special ability but some people ignore it during the process to be a adult. And some more people still keep on their mine speciality and we call them as superhuman or genius. Am I one of them?..he he ..

This is me.. I was a boy with dream, a teenager with hope, a man with wish..
I believed life to be lived not worked, enjoyed not agonised and loved not hated..
I know I can't choose how Im going to die or when, but I can decide how Im going to live..
I love my life more than how much SOME people hate it..
In life, the most important things to know is when you to get in and when you to get out, you know when to take and when to let go...

This is me, someone you could never changed it, you stand beside me or walk away is up to you..
And who am I?..that a secret I've never tell you..hahahaha
Tomorrow is my day!! ... ha ha ha


bila dibaca,
setiap satunya,
bawalah aku terbang,
bersama tulisanNya.

bila didengar,
bukakan hati,
ia satu irama.

bila jelas,
apa isinya,
bersama semangat perwira,
di hati srikandi,
,untuk hadiah dikotak hati.


This poem is not mine nor you, so please don't make as you own. This is the blog owner for this beautiful poem,

Emo Night

Alone in my room
Look out through the window
It still raining and cold
Dun you need a hug?
to keep you warm..

The damn night cold
Lay awake in my bed
Thinkin' of you
Don't you miss my whisper
Telling you how pretty you are..
How lucky I am while you by my side..

The fuckin' nite, the crying sky, the cold blood
Slit in my throat, cut out my heart,
Leaving me here, tear it apart
Dun you know that..
YOU..took my heart away, leave a hole in my chest
could I live nor fall in luv again

My skin as a canvas, Knife as a brush
Paint a tattoo, consume my blood
If you are Evil, than shall I a fallin' Angel
Haven't you heard my scream..
Pain.. Deep.. Trappin' in the dark
Forgetting right or wrong

Deep kiss, hurt goodbye
You not luv me, just to own me
would you be proud?

Grille on my window, sealed my fate
I wish I could seen the light
Through my widow on this fateful night

Woke up this morning,
Now I realised, outside there its not raining
Its snowing...

While Nothing to do..

Your Moon is in Aries
On the day you were born, the Moon was in Aries. Tempestuous, impassioned, and torrid are just some of the words to describe your turbulent emotional landscape. Your emotions are always on tap, ready to rise to the surface no matter what the situation is. You are quick to laugh or cry, and you have no qualms about showing your feelings to the world. You know instinctively if you are attracted to a person, a job, or to a place to live.
**My zodiac is Tauruz how come it became Aries?...@$#..hehe..Im taking this while nothing to do at Lunch time..

Happy Weekend!!!

Wah...I feel so tired for this week.Now I can have a nice weekend..(hope so)...This week Im so bz with some other stuff, working, earn money via Internet, show and etc..(I wonder I do such a many job but still not kaya...hahaha)

O ya talking about money, I got some incident happened at PB ATM Machine @ CP. I need some cash on that day before noon, then I told the driver leave me at the ATM Machine at CP together with one of my friend. While I arrived there I saw a old man still trying to do cash transaction on the left handed machine. otherwise his right side machine still got few people waiting they turn. So I just keep walking to other side standing behind the old man. He took so long for the withdrawal his money then I try to ask if he need me to assist him. He said nothing, he wonder why the machine took so long and can't do the transaction. After he left then it my turn. I also facing the same problem. What the hell with that machine. After waiting a few minute then error answer appear on the screen that say unable to do the transaction. Luckily I double check my balance account there by using online ( PB provided in their premise). In my account the amount I try to cash has been deducted from my account. I print then go to the customer service counter ask for they help. The man I look for (with slumber) paste me the form to fill in. My friend said she curious why the employee slumber je give me the they are very familiar face this situation. After that the guy just told me someone will call me for investigation then the money will be debit back to my account. It took 30 days from now to proceed..(My God, How if I need urgent money Why they don't think what in my mind) Luckily I have other card from other bank.

Whatever I just want my weekend be peaceful. I wanna take some long sleep..hahahaha..

...and take some weekend entertaiment..hahaha...Come on laa, Im a guy lah..

I hope same to you all my friends...Happy weekend and Happy Easter! Jangan lupa pi sembahyang..hehehe

While got nothing to do...

This morning I rush to finish my job because I plan to work half day but suddenly got another job..haiz...Then I use the 'gear five' to finish the job a.s.a.p then I can going back to take some sleep. At last around 4.15pm I finish it. If I go back to home 'alang²' already. While nothing to do I just create this lazy picture with some poem from FS my friend sent to me...hahahah...What a f**kin' poem!! But I like it..hehe...Now almost 5.30pm...time to go back!!