Fuhh....I try so hard to get the free time to write on my blog..its so hard and finally I took leave today..Suddenly I feel bored at my work place, perhaps bcoz my working environment or people around me or stress..Stress? Mana ada kerja yg tidak stress sekarang ni.. too much consequences, gossip and hanky panky..as long as Im not 1 of them sudahlah..

Good news I heard last week is we will get the 2 months bonus..yeah I know ramai yg tidak percaya but that true and the memo has been spread to all department last week was mentioned that all staff will get their bonus on end of this month.. But the bad news.Hah..this really shock to all staff I guess.. the latest news I heard yesterday from the source I can trust mentioned that bonus will be pay to the staff end of next month..How come oh? Suda issued memo and suddenly changed.. Janji politik ah? don't promise if you know you can't do it..that ridiculous...I hate ppl once they make promise and confirmed but they broke up. I knkow its easy to say "I'M SORRY"..Haiz..

Last week my boz called all collegue to briefing, and say like owez - pesanan dari penaja(The owner and GM)..bla..bla.. Ive nothing to say doesn't mean that I don't have to say anything but it is not the right time to say it. We must know when to speak our mind and when to mind our speech. For what? Rugi buang air liur iif they just ask but never listen. I really miss my previous time..They have no idea what the staff thinking..don't you? don't act like you know,..you never know it because you never try to understand them..you just trying to listen but not trying to understand them. How if u were them?..Me? Of coz I know, when I looking at them I can see my past time as them..nor now, Im still feel the same level. I respect them bcoz they respect me. And not bcoz terpaksa nor bout the position.

Btw, whatever I write down here is just to released some feeling and my mind..Maybe when the times is comes I will speak out what in my mind..but when??..~