05.05.2012 - Sia tdk akan lupa tarikh ni sampai bila2...

Hadir tanpa diundang
tanpa paksaa
Dalam ruang kosong
Kau pencuri...

Jelousy isn't a crime

Yes, I admit that I got jelous when someone trying to flirting my sweet heart.. What hurts more when the one u love replying them..so sad, disappointed, hurt, mad and so much felt that words can't described. I'm just human being.. I hate to fight with the one I love over another persons.. Its not worth it anywhere...

Please don't hurt me.. I won't hurt U..


PERFECT!!!!..I'm talking about those people that think they're perfect enough, and feeling free to insult, condemn, and criticize other people for their bad habits, bcoz they don't take part of those bad habits. They think they do absolutely nothing in their perfect existence that bothers other people. they think everyone should be just like them and are absolutely intolerant of other peoples bad habits.oh pleaseeee!! *If you think you're perfect enough, think again, and the question you should be asking is "Am I good enough to go to HEAVEN??"

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Good Friend..

Friends are for a reason, and I would like to thank mine for always being here... There's two types of friends in this world. Theres the kind where you quote stupid movies with. Where you go to the mall, and shop endlessly. Where you talk in weird accents, and act stupid like no ones watching. And then there's the ones who really know you. who know everytime you cry, who have been with you through everything. They're content with just sitting there and holding your hand, not sa...ying a word. Which is better? There is no better or worse. The first kind can get your mind of everything while the second helps you get through everything. These are the ones that you thank God you have.

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Jangan Lupa Kawan

Aku tertawa (hairan) kepada orang yang mengejar (cinta) dunia padahal kematian terus mengikuti, dan kepada orang yang melalaikan kematian padahal maut tak pernah leka , dan kepada orang yang tertawa lebar sepenuh mulutnya padahal tidak tahu apakah Tuhannya redha atau murka terhadapnya.

Salman al Farisi (Az Zuhd, Imam Ahmad)

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