Last Saturday, I went to wedding reception of my cousin's friend and the event were very interesting, enjoy and merrier than any event I attended at Hotels. I mean, the environment and guests make this event very successful I thought. I personally very like to attend this kind of event than wedding event at the hotels because its more merrier and enjoy. They had 'sumazau' dance(Kadazandusun traditional dance), singing performance by the guest and 'mengagong' .This is which you can't see in any wedding at hotels. On that day, Im drunk also..hahha(very common agenda huh)..

In this event, I saw the ladies dressed up very nice. I didn't see they wearing their dress mixed up with the shawl which is very often I see in most evening function. Its so 'menyakitkn mata' to see how they dress up with sexy evening gown covered with their shawl. And sometimes its look terrible/worst because the shawl didn't match with the dress. Dalam hati, sia pikir orang kampung lagi pandai dress n match dari kebanyakan orang bandar. To all ladies, please watch your dress before you step out from your home. Remember, you dunno whos gonna spot your dress.