My Life So Far Part 3

Today 5th August 2010 - Thursday, I announced to you all that I am Single and Available. Dont talk to me about love, relationship, mariagge or watever related..I am not interested and excited anymore to the issue...

Im brokennnnnnnnnnnn Heartttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeddddddd Noowwwwwww...!!!

My Life So Far part 2

Last time hang out with my buddies and I forgot to upload some pic here, not to display to you its just for reminds me on that moments we shared together.

My Life So Far

Wow! its seems so long I never update my blog..I just meet few new friend since June and we getting closer day by day..I love them n Im glad it is not to late to know them. I felt comfort when hangout with them. Now they are part of my life, since that I told myself whoever dare to brake their heart, I swear to brake that ppl face. Im no longer trust in friendship since my last bestfriend stabbed my back.

Thanks to God that show me the right path which friend is worthy to me. In my life, I just had few friends and I don't need so many friends. Thanks so much to Jason J., Esther C.T, Allester A.,Collin, Marky J. L, Abeth, Tom, Cella, Christopher.. thanks for been here when I need you all.

Lover? Don't ask me about that. I know Im the most stupid person in the world. Coward. I know she lie to me and I keep pretending that I don't know she cheating on me. Early of August, I am SINGLE back. My buddies told me let the time heal my heart, I know that but how long it take to recover its depends on me. My love story end here. New life begin..huhu!~..