March 12th, 2011 - around 7.00pm I arrived at Tun Fuad Stephen Hall, Penampang, Sabah. This is the first time I attend such an event. Its supposed to be a great event but end-up with poor technical problem...Fuuhhh~ What the hell with their technician? Didn't they have a back up or plan B..some more there a VVIP also attended that event. RTM Sabah, come on laaa..What your floor manager doing? Where is going on with you technician people didn't fix it? I remember the spot light turn off after the 1st contestant performed. If not because Im going there to support my best friend and beloved sister - Esther Clement Tubong... I already figure out to went the Pusakag to watch the KENTE 3.. What ever it is, That RTM's Sabah should figure out with postmortem that this problem shouldn't happen on your next event.. Orang lain akan berpendapat yang pihak penganjur tidak berkemampuan untuk mengurus event sebegini. Apa2 pn, Tahniah Kepada semua pemenang on that night. To our beloved sis, Esther C.T we will owez support you..

Here a uploaded by our sister Clarissa. Enjoy.