Hi everyone,
Here I wanna write down about the mystery symbol which is some blogger from peninsular has been blogging about it. Some of you might be seen this symbol before
and some of you not.

I just read about it from my friend's blog, Fanzi. He write about it and also I found in similar story on few blogs.

Oh yeah, someone just trying to pull the trigger..hehehe!~..It is a joke, a gimmick.. If you a positive thinker, then this is can be interesting and entertain to yourselves.

You guys can check it out this blog (here) or this (redmummy) for reference..lol..sure havoc..

For those whom still have no idea what this fucking symbol is, it is actually are Hazard Symbol recognizable symbols designed to warn people about the hazardous material or locations.

The info for this symbol, you can check it out (Here). Developed by the Dow Chemical Company in 1966 for their products.

But when this symbol being tattooed onto someone body, it bring are different meaning...(Awas!)... This is reminded me about the re-clamation of the biohazard symbol.

The real symbol is a warning against toxic waste, contamination.

But when some guy make this symbol as their tattoo, It will bring different meaning. It has always been an aggressively defiant yet almost secret symbol in gay community. Many gay poz men have it tattooed somewhere on their bodies.

Its a tribal symbol 'I am one of them', as a warning 'I am HIV positive' and also its an invitation "I'm like you'. Its says "I'm gay, and you can talk to me about it."

They take the symbol as a sign of discrimination and reclaim it for their own. This because we see this kind /this group of people as a toxic, poisonous and dangerous.

Hey! Im not offence...Im just sharing..duncha know sharing is caring..hahhaha..So, don't simply put it on your body without knowing what that mean or someone will come to approach you soon ..hahaha..