Finally I can log in back after a few month streamyx line at my home down. Now is the fasting month and I feel very happy when going back from office that you will see no traffic jam anymore..Fuh~..Lega you know can balik awal.. Some more reason maybe now is school holiday.

Today I surf 1 online boutique that got attractive outfit and cheap (to me laa..). I dun wan to think twice bcoz Im the type of person that can change my mind anytime... (Coz I will change my mind when I see the other nice clothes). So before its too late and they will out of stock I need to purchase it. This 2 picture below is the one I have mentioned. Nice right?! It doesn't matter to me to mix and match my outfit so other people didn't look like I wearing the same clothes.

Ops.. you also can surf to this blog at and you will feel like you wanna brought all the outfit into your wardrobe.. hahaha..!

Actually I will wearing this clothes for my next photo shoot for my portfolio. 2nd reason is the clothes also become my baju raya .. hahaha... Sorry to say but no baju melayu in town can attractive me now.. too late to design it and send it to Taylor.. they totally REJECT now..
Picture credit to Wear Ever U like.