What a pack schedule..I think I need to re-arrange my schedule supaya tidak bertembung dengan event yg lain. As early as 5.30am in the morning, I rushing to outside catering event, after that I rush again to the next appointment with client for the event next month..Di sini laa yang membuatkan sia lambat sedangkan my next appoinment is 1pm but I just managed to come there by 2pm..Lucky for me all models has been there and Jeffie Jeff helping me while Im not around...Sorry Jeff, U r the best and thank you so much..Lucky Jeff not mad at me..finish rehearsal, Jeff rush to Le Meridian for doing bridal make up there.

I will post some photo later from the Breeze Magazine 3rd Anniversary Party later. To all my team-mate Fizy, Fabian, Danu, Nathaniel, Samantha, Dewina, Elaine Ashnee and Jeff. You guys rowk and Im happy working with you guys! whatever happened and something went wrong to unexpected situation is not your all fault.We owez hv a chance to do better next time and learned from the mistake of the night. Here I wanna wish thank you for the co-operated and I had fun with you guys. Will looking to meet up and co-operate to all of you next time...will see to the next fashion show..