Im too exhausted and just reach home at 2.30a.m. take a nap few hours and this morning here I am at office, working to save my ass..and the damn things make me hurt..Oh God! If commit suicide not a sin, Im the one who will do that now. MySpace

Some people around me, they seems nice but actually not. Some people they may look bad or poor but they are really nice people. And I only have few of them so I will not let them go.MySpace
So don't judge people buy its appearance. They can blind my eyes but not my mind. this is not what Im gonna say here.

Im totally exhausted, sadness, felt down. Tired with the drama of life. suddenly I felt empty and lonely. Too much pressure.MySpace. I try harder to think positive. Perhaps you guys have heard someone say this, or something like this"People will always inevitably let you down, but God will never ever let you down."

What I can think right now, I need air, take deep breath and scream if possible. I dunno How many time I need types and press the delete button to write down here..Is it too hard to understand me. Maybe Im a silent but you can ask me. Do I look like mannequin to everyone that have no feeling. You guys still not worthy to my anger. Someone ask me why I need to care to people that hurt me so bad. Because I don't have so many friends like you. If God doesn't hate them, who am I to hate them too..Im not a nice person, but If comes to friendship and family.I can put all they bad behind me..

That sentence appeals to my concerns about myself and my well-being. I must look beyond my self ceneredness to the pain and severe testing others endure. What of the hungry, the abused, the victim of racism? What of the people known no other life than a daily existence of they life?

God is faithful, and He will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing He will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it. God will never give people more than they can handle.

p/s: Finally I cool down myself and think rational back.MySpace Let the emo go away. tonight I wanna go yamcha..hmm..dunno sapa sudi kasi kawan ni ah?..decide later..