Sunday-woke up almost 12pm..The great hangover I had..haha..packing my stuff after shower then c/out. We will never forget what we experienced there. Now I can't wait to see the picture..Thanks to Vonn, Boi and Hernie to accompanied us during our stay there. You guys such are good friends that hard to find.
We reach safely at home around 4pm. Lazy to unpack because I will go travel again tomorrow. take a nap few hours then call all my close friends and brothers to meet @ Tg. Aru Plaza to hangout. I notice, currently our gang not like before. something matter make us apart...including my brother Dieny.. :( . Its okay laa, I not the kind of person to think bad. Everyone have their good own reason...Brilliant say - People change.

I just wonder, what happen to our friendship if everyone keep their after ego. I do my best
to keep them eventho I can't because someday somebody will take them away from you. I just can do my best in our friendship. No body is perfect so what do you expect from people?