Last Saturday - Me, accompanied by my Bro Allester, and Neil, Dynston has planned to out of the city. We going to Keningau due to Alles have appointment with his friend to meet there. After we arrived there, the person that my bro keep promise to see gone. I asked my brother weither he already double confirm with the person or not. He answer me yes, but since morning the person never sms or call him. What kind of joke the person do this to my lil' bro. He kinda upset and disappointed. We travel almost 2 hours on the road to Keningau, but that people no show, no sorry, and broke the promised.

Since we don't have any planning there we just contact our friends which is staying there and go to Pesta Kalimaran at Tenom District. Its about 30 minutes from Keningau in the heavy raining day. At nite, Vonn, my friends from Keningau invite me to join the Birthday Party which I realize his person (Birthday boy) is Tanak Gana@ a day? I though is someone stranger...haha..I won't tell you guys what happened there because most of Sabahan know what a command in our tradition here....(Arrrrraaaaammmmaaaaaiiii ttiii) but we not spent too much time there due we have other planned. Its Tons bestday also..(same day)..haha.. Finally We celebrate it at a club (I totally forgot the name, hv drunk already). And We lucky someone has spent us to our drink..what a lucky boy..we back to our room around 5.00am. What a blast nite huh..hehe

I though my brother will happy but not, he really disappointed on that person. I advice my brother to block his fb from that person. I can trust people who broke the promise without reasonable and lie...Don't make a promise if you know you can fulfill it. don't cheat / lie to the person who trust you much. To me its easy, I trust everyone easy..but once you broke it, you do it at your own risk and you will never can fix it anymore. can you fix the broken glass as before?