Those content in my friend's blog recall my memory past year ago. Its a conversation bertween me and my close friend.

He: She cheating in you, stab behind you and she said..bla...bla..bla..(that

Me (having lunch): Then?

He: ?? are you sick? U not mad?

Me: She don't deserve anger so expensive, she can't afford to buy....hehe

He: she stabbing you back bah buduh (He starting emotional) ..Kalau sia, sia sumbat mulut dia lada..

Me: Do I look like I care for it? Word can't kill me. Im still alive and kicking..ignore it or soon you will be same like her..

He:You sound like a bitch already..

Me; Well, you know me..let people keep talking about me..I don't give a damn with that..Im they sources of long as I don't give respond. others will think that stories just a rumors.

He: You really a bitch and asshole..(LOL)..

Me: Well my friend, do I look like I care? hahaha...

He finally surrender. Actually Im mad but I just don't wan't to show it infront of him. Reach home, take shower then sleep a while (Reboot my mood). Wake up, I felt normal already.

So guys, make no one deserve for your anger for simply thing.. handle it properly and you gonna feel better. The most important thing is how you handle you anger toward someone.