One more day..

aRGHH..No Body can stop the time..

Yesterday will be history,

Tomorrow still mystery..

Today is a gift to me..

29 years ago, a lucky boy (of course I am b'coz I'm the Champion Swimmer..he he) was born in silver spoon with full of luv and caring from people around him. He grew with guidance from his parents and loving people around. Day by day, he grow up and learned through the environment to make him strong enough to face the fate life. Although fate presents the circumstances, but how you react depends on your character..Learning is not child play, we cannot learn without pain.

Dare to dream.. dare to fly.. then do it.. Some people say, human born with special ability but some people ignore it during the process to be a adult. And some more people still keep on their mine speciality and we call them as superhuman or genius. Am I one of them?..he he ..

This is me.. I was a boy with dream, a teenager with hope, a man with wish..
I believed life to be lived not worked, enjoyed not agonised and loved not hated..
I know I can't choose how Im going to die or when, but I can decide how Im going to live..
I love my life more than how much SOME people hate it..
In life, the most important things to know is when you to get in and when you to get out, you know when to take and when to let go...

This is me, someone you could never changed it, you stand beside me or walk away is up to you..
And who am I?..that a secret I've never tell you..hahahaha
Tomorrow is my day!! ... ha ha ha