Alone in my room
Look out through the window
It still raining and cold
Dun you need a hug?
to keep you warm..

The damn night cold
Lay awake in my bed
Thinkin' of you
Don't you miss my whisper
Telling you how pretty you are..
How lucky I am while you by my side..

The fuckin' nite, the crying sky, the cold blood
Slit in my throat, cut out my heart,
Leaving me here, tear it apart
Dun you know that..
YOU..took my heart away, leave a hole in my chest
could I live nor fall in luv again

My skin as a canvas, Knife as a brush
Paint a tattoo, consume my blood
If you are Evil, than shall I a fallin' Angel
Haven't you heard my scream..
Pain.. Deep.. Trappin' in the dark
Forgetting right or wrong

Deep kiss, hurt goodbye
You not luv me, just to own me
would you be proud?

Grille on my window, sealed my fate
I wish I could seen the light
Through my widow on this fateful night

Woke up this morning,
Now I realised, outside there its not raining
Its snowing...