25th April every year..
That my day that remain me 'bout something..
About my wish, age, ambition, target and vision that I still cannot reach yet.
Btw I would like to thank to my beloved parents for their luv and caring to their lonely son..
To my best friends who is stand beside me when I need them, you guys are such person that I can not find and compare to anybody in this world. Although we are apart now but I hope we still keep in touch. The time we were shared together, that are precious time to me..

Today it's my birthday, than I will chase the dream that I still not fulfill yet. I will lead my life the way I wanted to be. It's better to regret my action, instead of regretting b'coz I didn't do anything. Aja! Aja! Gambateh! Jia You!..wahahaha!!.. Now is 4am already..Feel Sleepy leh..

Happy Birthday To Me!!!