Wah...I feel so tired for this week.Now I can have a nice weekend..(hope so)...This week Im so bz with some other stuff, working, earn money via Internet, show and etc..(I wonder I do such a many job but still not kaya...hahaha)

O ya talking about money, I got some incident happened at PB ATM Machine @ CP. I need some cash on that day before noon, then I told the driver leave me at the ATM Machine at CP together with one of my friend. While I arrived there I saw a old man still trying to do cash transaction on the left handed machine. otherwise his right side machine still got few people waiting they turn. So I just keep walking to other side standing behind the old man. He took so long for the withdrawal his money then I try to ask if he need me to assist him. He said nothing, he wonder why the machine took so long and can't do the transaction. After he left then it my turn. I also facing the same problem. What the hell with that machine. After waiting a few minute then error answer appear on the screen that say unable to do the transaction. Luckily I double check my balance account there by using online ( PB provided in their premise). In my account the amount I try to cash has been deducted from my account. I print then go to the customer service counter ask for they help. The man I look for (with slumber) paste me the form to fill in. My friend said she curious why the employee slumber je give me the form..like they are very familiar face this situation. After that the guy just told me someone will call me for investigation then the money will be debit back to my account. It took 30 days from now to proceed..(My God, How if I need urgent money Why they don't think what in my mind) Luckily I have other card from other bank.

Whatever I just want my weekend be peaceful. I wanna take some long sleep..hahahaha..

...and take some weekend entertaiment..hahaha...Come on laa, Im a guy lah..

I hope same to you all my friends...Happy weekend and Happy Easter! Jangan lupa pi sembahyang..hehehe