This is such a beautiful advice from my friend JoJo Ng.. I like it, Jo!

Its like playing poker.

You win, you win. You loose, you loose.

Unless if your are like in the movies, and playing with all the tricks (That is call cheating)

How many of us knows how to gamble with life? If you are handsome, you are poor. If you are handsome and rich, you will die early. If you are handsome, rich, and live long, then you will surely loose some part of important elements in life. (Perhaps, happiness or love, etc . . .)

If the poker card comes to you, then its yours, if it doesn’t, then its not. If you make the wrong move, then there will be no turning back, no U-Turn. No one will always win, no one will always loose. One shall declare the winner, the other the looser, but this doesn’t mean that it will be forever.

The gambler takes the risks, the gambler takes the challenges. If you wanna fool with the game, you have got to face the consequences. May it be good or bad.

But sometimes, there are gamblers who stop taking chances. This my friend, takes lots of courage as well. It is not an easy move to back out while your on the poker table. One might look at you as a coward, the other might look at you as a looser. Well, I look at this person as a winner. It takes a brave heart, and a smart brain to tell himself that enough is enough. Move forward and never look back. The decision had been made. The decision, is not only for the sake of himself, but for the sake of his team, his associates, his fans, and for the future.

If you are to gamble with your life, don’t let the joker fool you. Don’t let the Kings, and Queens, Spades and Hearts to eat your precious life away. There will always be en entrance and an exit. Step in , and step out, while you still can, MY FRIEND.

p/s: Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated…