This early November I went to Penang Island and it look quite nice there, I spent for 3D2N there and I had a wonderful vacation on there. People like me not coming down here just for seeing or looking for food, took picture( of coz laa..hahah) or shopping like ordinary tourist but MOSTLY looking for the night life here(Penang).

Thanks God, that 1st nite there is Hallowen Nite. So, of coz Im looking for the nite entertaiment, rite? Hahahah...But I have no picture for sayang oh...Luckily me & my frens staying near the most top pub & bar there (Continental Hotel).I couldnt believe my eyes when I went down to that area (just crossing the road) that nite, it was HEAVING! Thousands of people..... all dressed in an array of costumes, make up and looking out of this world (excuse the pun). Ah it was Just So Outrageous! It was brilliant to see so many people dressed up, made me so proud to be part of this..... seriously, it was great! You really should have been there! Loved being in the midst of it all ! For those people who got dressed up : WELL DONE YOU !!!There were Ghost Busters, Police uniforms, accident victims, even Betty and Thelma (from the Flintstones) and those two gals looked absolutely adorable. Then there were draculas wondering around,witches, warlocks, frankensteins, anime characters in leather, 'school kids", ghosts, cowboys, prisoners, a great looking cleopatra, can can girls, 80s vintage dressers, clowns, mime artists, and the list goes on .... yes, I was impressed... saw so many fab outfits and make up too.

We went to R&B! Wow!!! Wow!! all the hip people were flocked at those two places. DJs and Bands group were rocking the house! the band was great! Brilliant! Even I had a bit disappointed to go this pub (coz I more prefere to crowded & more happening place like 1st pub we go) but I had enjoyed and hanging there till the police make sport check (dun care laa they didn't kacau me mah). ;ll-))What a great night , Hallloween was such tremendous fun! Danced all night and party all night tilll late! Hope my next destination (Manila) more Happening and Glam. hahaha..