Im a Sabahan Blogger. What I wanna write here, pertaining to this as Sabahan Blogger. I know in Sabah we already had 1 persatuan. Persatuan Blogger Sabah such a nice name huh! I can't get it kenapa ada persatuan ini? For what? or ada tujuan lain disebaliknya. Apa kelebihan dan kerugian bg blogger² di Sabah ni kalau tidak join it. Sorry to say Im not interested. I read fews blog from sabahan people and some blog more to political issue..

As a blogger..yeah ..I am.. So I think I don't need any association or club or else b'coz I wanna be freedom. Bebas bersuara, bertindak, bebas dari kongkongan & tidak terikat mana² peraturan yg menghalang kebebasan for you from speakout your minds, your opinion, perseption or else.

Heloooo...!! Come on laa Sabahan! I didn't meant to be disobey the rule, what Im saying here tidak akan buat orang bunuh diri pun. Kalau ada terlanjur kata or tersinggung just leave comment I will say Im sorry for that saying rude. I radther to be different than look aliked with others people. Hey..This is me okay..Bye..