Last night 1 of my friend call and asking 'bout the history background for the hotel. What make he think I shall know about the history of the hotel? Is it my father hotel? hehehe...
The old picture show the area of Hotel Shangri-la at Bandaran Berjaya located..I see the Kampung Air also..hehe..(really Kg. Air oh). This picture printed by original negative by Mr. Teo Sui Jung. No information about the year their took this picture.

This is NOT the Shangri-La Resort in KK, or (as far as we can tell) part of the Shangri-La chain of hotels and resorts. This hotel is not beach-front, and is an easy walk to downtown KK locations.The Hotel Shangri-La KK is an aging hotel tower on the southern fringe of downtown Kota Kinabalu.

Hotel Shangri-La Kota Kinabalu, Sabah owned by Hotel Berjaya Sdn. Bhd. was established in early 1976 (Wah! Im not born yet) and is therefore one of the pioneer full service hotels in KK. The Hotel has gone through numerous upgrades over the years and is one of the more popular hotels in the city. The latest upgrading work was complited March 2006.

Sorry for the lack info that I only able to write down the name of General Manager since 1976:

1. The Late Mr. George Tikun ~ 1976 - 1979

2.Mr. David Yu (Singaporean) ~ 1979 - 1982

3.Mr. Albert Lam ~ 1982 - 1985

4.Mr. Geoffrey Teo ~ 1985 - 2005

5.Mr Koh Teck Guan - Present...

Sorry leh peng you, that only I know from the 1 of our senior staff . (Macam buat port folio hotel pula). More details kenala serahkan pada yang pakar..hehehe..