26 Feb 2009 - Thursday

Die laa me if like that ..hahaha..tomorrow is Friday. FRIDAY means our Annual Dinner..WOW..but sh*%#t I forgot 1 thing not done yet... The Guest Book.

Later.. I can not think any idea to create it look glam, classy and rich..But then I moved all thing to the floor then try a few design but still look bad laa..hahaha..Pikir punya pikir and sedar tidak sedar its almost 2am liao..Wah! tomorrow still working oh...

27th Feb 2009 -Friday

9.00am Sharp

Thanx God, finally I make it..ahahah...Even 2 hours sleep only but as long as it done. I don't care. And 9sm sharp I put it on my bos desk... Even she jeling² pasal lambat hantar kerja..hehe..
Even late but She satisfied with what Im done for this.. I'm celebrity that night.

p/s: Opss...I still didn't buy any outfit yet..GTG..