Almost 5 month I left this blog, so let me see what thing make me so busy for the past few month:

- Harvest Festival throughout May. So of course Im full with activity with my family and friends.
Joining Sugandoi (Singing Commpetition), Get involced with Fashion Show (Fall/Summer Fashion Show) with JJ, 'Aramaii tii' event..hahah..of course laa, May will full of this event..

- Still with Harvest festival, Moving out from home (yyyeeaaahhh, Im freedom), hangout with my cousin, my bff.. @ working place, being a trainer to new colleague..He smart boy and learn fast. Salute you bro..

- Im totally busy dealing with my work. Lucky my best buddy Roger help me..Thanx bro!
And also still with my night life, ..come on, I need a space that can release my stress.. throughout this month Roger very helpful to me..Lucky for this company have someone like you working here. But End of the month, he decided to resign due to fasting month on August and need to assist his mom. He is a nice buddy, good co-worker, best sayang this company let someone good fly to another place..stupid boz..

-Started fasting. Due to I am the only one here so I need to do One Man Show on work..Got promoting with one month trial..But its still doesn't make me happy. Salary a bit raised but my work become more than what they paying me. Its not worthy at all...time to review another place/job I guess..

So that the few stories I can sharing here at the moment. Will continue later, got appoinment with a Aussie man there..hope we can be business partner. Wish me luck.