Suddenly, I think I need a new profile pic for my page, and now a few of my friend got offer or promotion for they studio. Since then, I might take this to make a new face of me this year..(very bored if I still use the same pic for a few years ago rite).. so how about you there?

Luckily I had attended a class for modeling under Fairuz Modeling Studio and thanx to Mrs. Amal, Calista L, and few friends that I didn't mention they name here...(you know who you are guys). So on this photo shoot session, I don't think I will facing a problem to make a style or expressions. I will post some of my photo here once my photographer finish it.

So for those who have no idea about your profile photo shoot, here I got for you advice in this video. I hope it will help you guys! Good luck!

And this one for the guy who need help..Just need brave and throw your shy out.