Oh Gosh!..I can't believe this week will be end soon. What a wonderful week.. Minggu yg aman akan berakhir hari ini..arghh...! That b'coz our Mr. vamp will be back on Monday next week. And Im sure everybody will be feel like hell again.. Why la U didn't take long vacation...Can't U see, everyone in this building very happy when Ur gone..

Mr. Vamp, I wanna tell U, If U want people respect U please learn how to respect other people. I know U trying to make people understand U but U method to realise it is wrong. As human beeing (if still la..U r Mr. Vamp) U should know we also got feeling. We can feel bored, angry, hated, stubborn, respect, love etc. WE ARE NOT YOUR ROBOT..

Apa² pn I like this peaceful week..